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2004 - 2018

Creative Director for “PRO-FUN MEDIA" (film distribution, home entertainment, sales)



International release "G - Lost In Frankfurt" (Feature film - Director & Producer)

International release for the same named soundtrack (Producer)



International release of the music album "one“


2004 - 2011

Continue to realize own projects, as artists, director, dj and music producer.

He designed in the last years international artworks for “Daredo Music“:

For the label “Harthouse“ the compilations “Electronic Injection“, “Active Agent“, “The Dark Side“,

“Mirror Of The Future“ (also title idea by him) for “Zoo Brazil“ the album artwork “Zoo Brazil Needs you“,

for “Alexi Delano“ the album artwork “Stories Of An Alien Brother“ for the label plastic city the album

artwork “Karambolage“ for “Terry Lee Brown Junior“, the maxi single “Across The Ocean“ and for

"Joel Mull“ the artwork of his album “The Observer“.


12 - 2003

Party events “Royal Cream“ (idea, concept and implementation);

Logodesign for the magazine publisher “Raptor Publishing“


1 - 11 2003 Sabbatical year


12 - 2002

31. December 2002 he withdraws “Dare Art“ as a partner of the company. Starting from 1. January 2003 the

company remains with new partners. The most important / most well-known

international projects in this time (alphabetical order):

single art exhibition - installation “110901“ (tribute to the victims of the 9/11 - world trade center)

BMG (Bertelsmann Music Group) - Soultans “A Piece Of Heaven“ CD artwork

“Business Partners“ new logo & corporate design

Central Park (Frankfurt) “Public Pantry“ compilation CD artwork

CinemaxX (Offenbach / Frankfurt) „Sneak Preview“ cinema commercials

Ferrero “Pocket Coffee“ - “All Night Long“ promotion - conception and execution

Fresh Flavour “Liquid Faces 1“ and “Liquid Faces 2“ Vinyl artwork

Fresh Flavour “Loaded Bananas“ Vinyl artwork

Fresh Flavour “Effective 01“ Vinyl artwork

Fresh Flavour “Foxy 'N' Eagle / 18:43“ Vinyl artwork

Fresh Flavour “N'grit / Mr. DJ“ (for “Exit 101“) Vinyl artwork

Fresh Flavour “Pour Home“ (for “13th Floor“) Vinyl artwork

Harthouse “Respect - Remastered“ (for “Hardfloor“) CD artwork; UMCMG (Under Cover Music Group)

Harthouse compilations “Retrospective“ volume 1 - 4 Vinyl / CD artwork & advertising; UMCMG (Under Cover Music Group)

Happy Records “Jingles“ CD compilations concept & artwork (volumes 1 to 6)

Highlight Video “Equilibrium“ DVD artwork, point of sale material & homepage

Highlight Video “Samourais“ DVD artwork & point of sale material

Highlight Video “Jackie Chan's - Spion wider Willen“ (original title: “The Accidental Spy“) DVD artwork & point of sale material

Infracom Records; title: “Father“; act: “Aromabar“ videoclip - conception (director: Pete Lewandowski)

Infracom Records “Milk & Honey“ (for “Aromabar“) Vinyl / CD artwork

Infracom Records “Come Back“ (for “Aromabar“) Vinyl / CD artwork

Nintendo “Banjo-Kazooie“ official game book - europe advertising (print)

Nintendo “Club Nintendo“ subscribers advertising campaign

Nintendo “Club Nintendo - Millennium Wear“ europe advertising campaign

Nintendo “Game Boy Color“ international keyvisual (advertising images / point of sale poster) for product introduction

Nintendo - complete invitation materials for the fair: “Internationalen Funkausstellung“ 1999

Nintendo “Image Calendar“ 1998 and 1999

Nintendo “N64 - Millennium Trax“ CD artwork

“Nintendo online“- new logodesign and advertising campaign to establish the europe homepage

Nintendo “Perfect Dark“ complete europe packaging (for N64 & Game Boy) advertising and the point of sale material

Nintendo “Players Choice“ product series - advertising campaign & point of sale keyvisual

Nintendo “Pocket Soccer“ Game Boy Color packaging & point of sale keyvisual

Nintendo “Pokémon“ international introduction campaign: advertising images (print),

give aways, point of sale material

Nintendo N64 & Game Boy / Color “softwareposter“ (different teaser posters included to every europe

Nintendo product to promote other nintendo products

Nintendo “Official Nintendo Gamebooks“ advertising campaign (for different games )

Nintendo “The Legend Of Zelda - Majora's Mask“ complete europe packaging, point of sale material,

advertising and the campaign to establish the product homepage

Nintendo “Sound Adventures“ logodesign, CD artwork

Konami “Castlevania - Game Soundtrack“ CD Artwork

Konami “International Superstar Soccer 2000“ Nintendo 64 - international game packaging

Konami “International Superstar Soccer 98“ Game Boy Color - international game game packaging

“Liebe ist...“ (“Love is...“) tv-spot for the CD Compilation of UCMG (Under Cover Music Group)

Logic Records / BMG “Brainticket“ (for “Ramin feat. 2 Stripes“) Vinyl / CD artwork

Logic Records / BMG “Schallbau's Point Zero Vol. 1“ CD artwork

Logic Records / BMG “Overcraft“ (act: “Dee.Fx“) Vinyl / CD aartwork

Mc Cann-Erickson / Maison de la France “La Reunion“ homepage concept

Mickey Mouse “Newspaper 2 and 3“ - supplements for the german “Mickey Mouse“ magazine (Eehapa Verlag) idea & design

More Music / United Visions “Hip Hop Allstars“ CD coverdesign

„Offenbach+“ magazine - concept & design

Polydor / Zeitgeist “Just Be Good 2 Me“ (Act: “Six & Curly“) Vinyl / CD artwork

Procter & Gamble / Die Brut Werbeagentur “Pringles“ advertising key-visuals (print) for the german introduction campaign

“psi49net“ (music label of Anthony Rother) logodesign

psi49net “Biomechanik“ for Anthony Rother - videoclip (concept: Rafael Jimenez Heckmann,

director: Pete Lewandowski, Daniel Olteanu, camera: Sandra Mann)

psi49net “Little Computer People“ videoclip (conzept: Rafael Jimenez Heckmann, director: Pete Lewandowski)

Save The Vinyl “History“ Vinyl / CD artwork and advertising

Sony Music (Act: Toyya) “Uh-Ah“ CD artwork

Sony Music / Die Brut Werbeagentur “Progressive - New Dimensions In Dance“ CD artwork

Understatement Records / Publishing new logodesign

VOX / Die Brut Werbeagentur “VOX Programm Screening 1998“ invitation design

“Your Cut - Shortfilm Festival“ - concept & implementation (shows at cinemaxX offenbach / frankfurt)


2 - 2002

Single art exhibition in the club U60311 "quariat - art@house", (Frankfurt / Main) “George Dare - Art In A Party Society“


8 - 1996

Founded the company “Dare Art - Creative Lab“

“Eye Q Music“ mooves to Berlin with the labels “Harthouse“, “Eye Q Records“ und “Recycle Or Die“.

George Dare is further responsable for the design of these three labels.



Honor and printed with example designs in the internationall book “Sight Of Sound“.


From 9 - 1994

Junior Art Director and later Art Director in the headquaters Art Department of “Eye Q Music“

(labels: Harthouse, Eye Q Records, Recycle Or Die). The most important / most well-known

international projects in this time (alphabetical order):

Alter Ego "Luke Slater & The 2 Lone Swordsmen Decode The Hacker Myth“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Alter Ego "Wishmountain & Alter Ego Decode The Hacker Myth“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Andreas Leifeld "Communication“ Vinyl / CD artwork

"Backlash - The Recycle Or Die Compilation“ CD artwork

"Bill & Ben“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Der Dritte Raum "Trommelmaschine“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Der Dritte Raum "Wellenbad“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Earth Nation "Educated / Outburst“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Freddy Fresh "Aaccidentally Classic“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Freddy Fresh "Chupacabbra“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Freddy Fresh "Flotsom“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Freddy Fresh "Smells Like Funk“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Hacienda "Nightmare Of Max“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Hacienda "Sunday Afternoon“ photos and Vinyl / CD artwork

Hacienda "Plüsch“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Hacienda "Plüsch“ Videoclip (Idee, Regie / internatione Rotation auf allen Musiksendern)

Hardfloor "Dadamnphreaknoizephunk“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Hardfloor "Respect“ Vinyl / CD artwork

"Harthouse 100“ und "Harthouse 100 Live“ Vinyl / CD artwork / Europa Tour material

Harthouse Compilation Chapter 4 "Global Virus“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Harthouse Compilation Chapter 5 "Bitter Fruits“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Harthouse Compilation Chapter 6 "Six Flags“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Harthouse Compilation Chapter 7 "1327 Tage“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Harthouse Compilation "Taste It - Vol. 1“ und "Taste It - Vol. 2" idea, Umsetzung CD-Artwork und Anzeigen

Linda Carriere "Hold Me Now“ CD coverdesign (WEA)

"One Year Rydeen“ Compilation CD artwork (Rydeen Music / Sony Music)

Resistance D "Echoplexing“ Vinyl / CD artwork

SOAP “Dumb Funk Resistance“ Vinyl / CD artwork

"Traveller Two“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Yokota "Cat, Mouse And Me“ Vinyl / CD artwork

Yokota "Wait For A Day“ Vinyl / CD artwork


from 9 - 1993

Designer for the magazine publisher “Klaus Helbert Verlag“, Wiesbaden (part of the magazine publishing group

“Bauer Verlagsgruppe“), later founder of the inhouse advertising department.


from 6 - 1989

trainee at the advertising agency “Vogelsang Team" (Frankfurt / Main); later employed as

Graphic Designer. The most important projects / customers in this time:

Packaging and marketingmaterial for different products of “Hibag Cosmetics“ Munich / Paris

Campaign advertising (print) for the company “Montabauer“ (construction industry devices)

Packaging and advertising (print) for the company “Friedel“ (chocolate products)

Packaging, advertising (print), exhibition-area design for the company “Frigeo“ (sweet products)

Redesign of nearly all frigeo products with the new coorporate design

Packaging and advertising (print) for the company “Tekrum“ (fine pastry)


3 - 5 - 1989

Editor with own monthly series in the German areas published magazin “Amiga Plus“.

Detailed guidance with many examples on the settled disks to show how game graphicdesign can be developed.


1 - 4 - 1989

Founded “Dare Design“ (development & sales of “Amiga“ computer disks with game grafikmenues

for the Amiga 500 and Amiga 2000 popular “3D-Construction Kit“.


1987 - 1989

“University-Level Graduation for Design“ - Completed

Specialized high school for Design (Offenbach)